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Wealthy Way: Building a Financial House

According to Google the Federal Reserve's most recent Survey of Consumer Finance -released in 2017- it reported that the wealthiest 1% of Americans now control 38.6% of the nations wealth. What are you striving for in this life? What legacy are you looking to leave for your children? and your children's children. What will your lineage say about you.

Truth is most of our parents did not teach us the importance of financial gain or financial wealth. We had to experience accumulating bad credit, loosing assets, struggling from paycheck to paycheck, being a consumer more than an investor. When we know better we do better. Let's start today with taking small steps towards a big future of building our Financial House and looking to leave live the Wealthy Way and leave an inheritance for our children and our children's children. Seek daily to build your Financial House 1 day at a time. The foundation is 1st laid by changing your mind, you change your mind and it changes your life. Self improve on a daily basis. A small financial activity you can do is to check your Net Worth. Net Worth is the dollar amount of your assets minus all your debts. If your Net Worth is not reflecting what you want it to then you have work to do. We are here to assist you with that work. We have a team equipped to assist with Credit Repair, Investments, Annuities, Legal Assistance, Home, Auto, Life Insurance and much more.


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