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In 2018 after working as "underground tax preparers" or "ghost tax preparers" for over 10 years, 1st cousins Juanita Buie and Luciana Clay took their collaboration to another level. You may be questioning the terms underground and ghost preparers, these are individuals who focus solely on EIC returns and self-employed returns utilizing free tax software. Choosing to use free software allows these individuals to prepare tax returns without accountability.  They are not registered with the IRS; therefore, they can obtain your personal information, prepare a tax return, take your refund and you never hear from them again. During this time, we established lasting relationships with the taxpayers we served. We decided together that it is important for us to establish a professional presence in the community we serve; therefore, in 2018 after becoming an ERO with the IRS we begin our journey as small business owners. We made a critical decision to do what was right, immediately a friend opened her office space to us in the Lawndale community. During the pandemic we evolved to remote processing and have grown over the past 6 years we currently serve over 200 clients who we value and appreciate. Many of the clients we had then is still with us today. We partnered with other tax preparers and financial service providers to provide resources to our taxpayers that will aide in helping them to build their financial house.  We are from the community, in the community, serving the community and coming to a community near you!

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