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Lost and Found

This blog was prompted because I as a preparer entered the address on a taxpayer's ID that wasn't updated verses their current address. As we all know it is important that we have our name, address, phone number, birthday and other inform all updated when doing business. Many of us have experienced documents, checks, packages and so much more being lost in the mail due to incorrect address information. When it comes to our tax returns what do we do if the wrong address is on our tax returns. Well, one option is to periodically check your old address for any mail that has been sent there, which can be impossible if you moved far away. Be sure to complete an address change with your local post office, even then some mail will not forward I believe. More specifically when the wrong address is on your tax return, what do a taxpayer do? Act quickly. Do the above suggestions but the best thing to do is click here on the link below to do what the IRS suggest. Be understanding mistakes happen, we must check and double check all


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